Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow in the south

We had some snow (well, a little snow with mostly ice) down here in the south the past couple days. We made it outside to have some fun in the white stuff.

A few pals came over to join us: Greta and Colin

Bri had some fun with G and Colin on the hammock using it as a snowy swing...

Some post snow pics. I just couldn't resist the sweet little legs with stockings!

Sweet little Sammers

Friday, January 29, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Guthrie has probably enough toys to supply a small childcare. But...guess what he wanted to play with this evening when we brought out a toy for Sammy? You guessed it: Sammy's toy. Too funny- Guthrie spent all evening laying under and carrying around the little play yard we have borrowed from the Mastos. We promise to get it back to you guys all in one piece so Masto kiddo #2 can enjoy it too- that, or we'll have to just buy y'all another!

Familiar picture

There are lots of common occurrences in our household latey: nursing, changing, eating, etc. One special time that we enjoy daily is when Sammy hangs out in his crib watching the mobile. As soon as we crank up the music, Guthrie practically begs to be placed in the crib with Sammy. This often sparks kisses, hugs, and sharing stuffed animals. It's really really sweet and I realized that we have the same photos over and over again, with the only difference being whatever the boys are wearing that particular day.'s another:

Lil' redneck

Oh yes, Guthrie's hair is lonnnnggggggggg- a mullet in the making. Thank goodness it's luscious and curly when dry!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

More playing in the puddles

It was an all day family jammie day for us, but that didn't keep Guthrie from donning his new rain boots and heading outside:

Playing in the puddles

This is our guy who obviously doesn't enjoy having dirty hands...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

Fun comparisons

These are a few pictures of the earliest moments of Sammy's life. What a cutie already!

Now, here's a couple of Guthrie:

These last two are strikingly similar, yet, there are distinct differences between brothers. Here's Sammy:

Here's Mr. G:

Such sweet fellas!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Baby in the sunshine

Sweet Sammy hanging on the couch today, soaking in some sunshine...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Everybody loves Sammy!

We're so blessed to be surrounded by an amazing community of family and friends down here in Charlotte. Many, besides us, were anxiously awaiting the time to meet little Sammy and are committed to participating in and influencing his life. We feel so lucky to have such caring people surrounding our family.

Granny and Grandpa Sanders were able to come down a little early in preparation for Sammy's coming, and to spend time with little G. It was really great to know that Guthrie was well-cared for during our time in the hospital and this past week upon returning home. They've been awesome in providing yummy food and breaks for us to take naps! Thanks guys! (We're already looking forward to Mawmaw Roush coming in a week or so for a helpful visit!)

Happy Granny meetin' the little guy...
And there's Grandpa:

The amazing Tara (Dr. Vick to many). I don't have sufficient words to thank her enough for the wonderful care she provided during my entire pregnancy. She is a special friend of mine and doesn't often take on private patients, but I've been honored with the privilege of being one of the few. Tara sometimes came in on off days to see me, was with us during almost all of our laboring time in the hospital and just plain provided us with amazing attention and care. We can't imagine walking through the process with anyone else and realize that we are so incredibly lucky to receive such individualized and tender care. What a sweetie!

A Guthrie Jr. in the making?

Proud big brother. He loves Sammy too!
G often wakes from his nap exclaiming, "Baby! Baby!"