Thursday, March 31, 2011

Big boy

Sammy's quite a big boy these days. He's gotten his first big haircut (which looks super cute, if I may say), and is chatting up a storm.

Oh yeah, Sammy's officially a walker too!

Considering potty training

Maybe he'll try, "tomorrow." Oh yes, classic Guthrie. Whenever we ask him when he would like to go pee in the potty he responds, "tomorrow" in a dramatic voice. G also wants to ride a jet ski, 4-wheeler, double-decker bus, have a cookie, or eat soup...tomorrow. He is awfully good at sit and sit and sit and sit and sit and sitting on the pot. Hey, it's a start.

So, here's to a great seat on which to read the comics and trying again...tomorrow.

Just some pics...since it's been so long and these boys are growing up!