Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Guthrie cut his first tooth today! It was the bottom right one; the bottom left is following close behind. I think he may have two teeth by the end of the week. 

While I don't have any pictures for evidence (it was hard enough for us to see the tooth ourselves due to an active little tongue, let alone capture a picture), I thought you may enjoy these sweet pictures of Guthrie reading. He really seems to like books and his favorites right now are a cute "Go Go" series. These are mostly pictures of planes, trucks, cars, boats etc. Of course we add sound effects and motion to each picture while reading. Brian's the best at it- he has a whole choreographed routine for each page!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

All sorts of eating

Mr Blueberry face:
Crazy man face (I ended up with about 5 pictures like this- Guthrie flashed this face just about every time I held up the camera. What a ham).
All sorts of yummy toys:

Pure focus...
Mom, stop taking my picture and give me more peas. Please.

Happy 9 months big man!

This sweet guy turned 9 months old yesterday. And what a guy he is: scootin' all over the place, laughing often, getting into all sorts of things he shouldn't, bottom teeth just about to pop out, cuddly as ever, and just plain ridiculously cute to boot! We love you so much precious one!

Surprise! I scooted here to find you:
My favorite Guthrie face:
Only kinda concentrating while standing with his hippo.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Everything but the toys, of course

Guthrie is officially mobile these days. While he's not full-on crawling yet, he is an amazingly fast army-crawler (a good way to burn some calories if you're looking for a new, good workout). This allows him to get into anything he can get his little mitts on, which doesn't often seem to include actual toys. As it seems all parents come to know, babies have an uncanny sixth sense to sniff out things that seem much more interesting and potentially dangerous than some colorful stuffed monster, or plastic rotary phone.

Mom's glasses are even more tasty than they look:
Are you watching me get this?
MMMmmm. Drawer knob.
The basket is way more fun than all those stupid toys, mom.
Yummy, turned armoir leg. (He also ate the straps and shamefully, for only a moment, the wheel of the suitcase below. Yikes)

Dogs (say what you see)

A couple weekends ago, when we were home in Cinci for Lauren's wedding, we spent a bit of time at April's house with her sweet dogs Toby and Sidney. Guthrie LOVES dogs (about as much as he loves cats) and just squeals with delight and laughs whenever he's around any. Luckily, Mr. Man has only had really good experiences, so it makes me very glad that he doesn't seem scared of dogs at all. Oh my goodness, it's a dog!
Lick my hand or I'll grab your haunches...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Superhero ball and camera attack

Yea! It's my ball!
Quite possibly the goofiest Guthrie face yet.
Oh no!
Heh heh heh- I'll get it back
I'll get you instead mama!
Nice man boob cleavage above!


Trees and bushes are in bloom here in Charlotte. Guthrie took some time today to reflect on their beauty (and to try to eat the leaves on the ground). 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The princess, bride and Guthrie

Aunt Lauren got married this past weekend, so Guthrie got all gussied up for the event. 

The beautiful bride herself....
Cousin Addie was the flower girl, and looked like a total princess... 

Sweet little ones.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pretty blues

Brian likes to let our cats outside here and there because he says that they look pretty in the sunshine. Well, the same is true for this little guy. This picture was taken on mom and dad's screened in porch last weekend. What a beautiful beautiful beautiful, beautiful boy. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009