Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Everything but the toys, of course

Guthrie is officially mobile these days. While he's not full-on crawling yet, he is an amazingly fast army-crawler (a good way to burn some calories if you're looking for a new, good workout). This allows him to get into anything he can get his little mitts on, which doesn't often seem to include actual toys. As it seems all parents come to know, babies have an uncanny sixth sense to sniff out things that seem much more interesting and potentially dangerous than some colorful stuffed monster, or plastic rotary phone.

Mom's glasses are even more tasty than they look:
Are you watching me get this?
MMMmmm. Drawer knob.
The basket is way more fun than all those stupid toys, mom.
Yummy, turned armoir leg. (He also ate the straps and shamefully, for only a moment, the wheel of the suitcase below. Yikes)


Mama V said...

Oh boy, life as you've known it is changing forever.

Jessa said...

Good times! We would love to meet this wild man next time we're in NC! We'll be sure to email you the deets of our trip in June!