Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Not too long ago, I bought this little ride-on hippo for Mr. Man. We've been wanting to have him try it out, but didn't know if he was quite ready. Well, a couple days ago Brian put Guthrie on the hippo and he loved it (Guthrie, well Brian too). He didn't quite know what to do, he mostly spent time spinning the little knobs on the handle and bouncing up and down. Soon he'll be scooting around.  

All cheeks and belly:
Ride 'em cowboy!


Mama V said...

All cheeks and belly indeed! Wow -- it's as if he stuffed a whole piece of fruit in there or something! Soooo adorable!

Jessa said...

Eli has and adores this hippo. It's a great walking trainer for later. Guthrie looks dapper on it!