Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Belated Easter!

Seems like we're a holiday behind...

G really enjoyed dying eggs this year. He was focused, particular and really careful. What a sweet guy.
He could've spent hours "watching" the eggs afterward, but they had to get back in the fridge before they sweat off all their color!
Pre-church hunt in the backyard:

"Found one!"

Yummy! Jelly bean. Sammy was hilarious. He was quite satisfied with the one egg he found and didn't feel the need to find anymore. Meanwhile, Guthrie was happy to find and eat all the goodies. Bri had the smart idea of filling most of them with cereal- we couldn't help but snicker when G exclaimed, "Oh look Mama! Cheerios!" like it was the best thing ever to find in an egg. That probably won't work for too long....