Monday, July 28, 2008

Little guy learning

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Jessa said...

Hi Amy,
Please don't feel stalked. I am a friend of a friend of Dave and Vanessa's and also Walt and Mandi's (follow the fletchers blog). I found your blog through theirs (they also have ours listed in their "more cute kids" list of links: I was just checking out more cute kids, and sweet Guthrie is a cutie! But then I saw you are a potter, as am I, and then I saw that you were in Shelby at Ron's studio and I thought - whoa, too weird. I went to highschool in Shelby and have talked to, but not met Ron (Philbeck, I'm assuming?). So, three coincidences (I'm counting being new moms) and I decided to say Hi. I love both your blogs. You can see my pottery at How is being a mom and potter going for you? I foolishly thought I would just be right back at it, and have tried to make that work, but now that our guy is mobile, I'm making the decision to slow down. I have one big order due in October, but am not accepting any more after that. I took a job at a church doing their website and newsletter from home in the mean time. It's sad, but much less messy, and easier to do with the little guy playing around me.

Anyway, sorry for the pseudo-stalking and LONG comment on your blog. Congrats on sweet Guthrie and best wishes!
Jessa Decker-Smith