Thursday, October 23, 2008

Big guy!

Guthrie's a big little guy at 4 months old! We're having so much fun with all the new things our toy, I mean, boy can do.... Sitting in one of those squishy chairs (thanks Carrie and Mike for letting us borrow it!) It's good for at least 15 minutes of laughs watching Guthrie observe the world from this new vantage point.
Rockin' it out in his crazy exersaucer from Betty and Jim, Grandma and Aunt Jan.
Everything goes in the mouth these days. He's already swallowed a live squirrel. Look out Parker and Posey (the cats)!
Bouncing around in the doorway.
Loungin' like the smoooooove guy he is.


Jason and Jeannie said...

I clearly am so not up on the cool baby things anymore. That exersaucer beats my kids' old one by a mile, and that squishy chair is incredibly cool. The fun never ends. My 7 yr old is voting for "Obomo" at school.

Mama V said...

I might have already said this before, but LOVE those cheeks!

Hey, Jesse has a doorway bouncer just like that! Too fun, huh?

Glad you guys are enjoying your babe so much...

jbf said...

The doorway bouncer is your friend.

Those are great pictures of a happy boy.

If he needs any more squirrels, we have plenty. Good protein.