Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Truly, a saintly kitty

Guthrie has always been fascinated with our two cats: Parker and Posey. Recently, though, he's become more and more bold with chasing, hugging, pulling, squishing- just generally "loving" (or terrorizing) each of them. While Posey is only slightly tolerant (G usually tentatively approaches her with squinty eyes because she often swats at him- don't worry, no claws!), Parker just hangs out almost waiting for the attention. Bri and I often marvel at just how patient and accepting Parker is with Guthrie's antics. Thus, Parker wins the Saint Kitty award!
Being rotten together- checking out the off limits fireplace screen.
I love you Ba-bbbbbbwa (how G says Parker- usually accompanied with clapping hands):

Parker makes a great pillow too.
Piling cars onto Parker:

He also doesn't mind being hammered:

All my favorite guys in one place!

Truly this little guy's best friend (I think he even beats G's blankie!).


carrie said...

Ha! If our cats only knew what Guthrie was capable of...they'd be in hiding all day ;)

Mama V said...

I think this is one of the cutest things I"ve ever seen!