Monday, November 30, 2009

Early Christmas excitement for G

Since our next little babe is coming in early January, we won' t be able to do our usual traveling to Ohio for the holidays. While we are quite sad to be missing our families and all the traditions that go along with Christmastime, we are excited to start our own down here in Charlotte (more on this later).

Granny and Grandpa Sanders came in town before Thanksgiving for a visit before heading to Florida for the holidays and to finish wiring a Habitat house. Of course, there was also lots of time to play and lucky little G received his Christmas goodies early!

Hangin' with his new big boy table and chairs from Granny and Grandpa (in mama's hat and no pants?):
Playing with Grandpa- thanks guys!
Cuddling with his Guthrie-sized alligator- he loves to flop down on it and roll around (thanks Terry!)
Booooom-bbbbbbbbbbbbwwooooom. Big truck...

Hugging his not so cuddly shark and dolphin.
Growing up, one special tradition we had in the Roush family was that Grandma and Grandpa would buy all the grandkids a special Christmas outfit for church and other outings. We would often take pictures of all of us as a group on the wide stairs to the great room at G & G's house- this was one of the few times a year that all 6 of us cousins would sit still together! This tradition has continued to the next generation: Addie and Guthrie headed over to Grandma Martha's for dress-up time and pictures.
Guthrie was having a hard time sitting still (on the other hand, Addie was quite the pro at posing!) so we got some action shots. Playing carols?
Look how pretty miss Addie is in her dress!

Mama had to get in on the action for the stair shot...
Ummmmmm...not too thrilled about this:
Happy guy with Grandma Martha- thanks for the cool digs Grandma!
So serious at the piano.
"O come o come Emmanuel..."
We had a great visit with the family over Thanksgiving. There was lots of time for games, chatting, playing, and of course, eating! Guthrie and Addie got to open one present from Mawmaw and Pawpaw early- G got this awesome perfectly-sized arm chair and ottoman! He instantly crawled up into it and enjoyed reading with Addie. (more pics of this in his new room to come):

Thanks for the great visits guys! We love you!

Funny close-ups

Foggy Bear:
Crazy Bear:
Sweet Bear!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New room

With the new baby coming, we've been working on renovating a new room for Guthrie. Nothing big, just a couple of updates, new color and special details for a sweet guy. Here's G hangin' in his big boy room:

Tape bracelets:


I love my new room!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Truly, a saintly kitty

Guthrie has always been fascinated with our two cats: Parker and Posey. Recently, though, he's become more and more bold with chasing, hugging, pulling, squishing- just generally "loving" (or terrorizing) each of them. While Posey is only slightly tolerant (G usually tentatively approaches her with squinty eyes because she often swats at him- don't worry, no claws!), Parker just hangs out almost waiting for the attention. Bri and I often marvel at just how patient and accepting Parker is with Guthrie's antics. Thus, Parker wins the Saint Kitty award!
Being rotten together- checking out the off limits fireplace screen.
I love you Ba-bbbbbbwa (how G says Parker- usually accompanied with clapping hands):

Parker makes a great pillow too.
Piling cars onto Parker:

He also doesn't mind being hammered:

All my favorite guys in one place!

Truly this little guy's best friend (I think he even beats G's blankie!).

Sunday, November 1, 2009


So, I admit it- we were pretty lame for Halloween this year. No real plan for a costume for G up until about 10 minutes before leaving for a costume party (he was just going to be Linus- holding his blankie). I dug out his coat from last year that had some little antennas on top, pinned them down to make ears, pinned on a tail, hastily drew some whiskers, and voila! Little G was a black kitty- his favorite animal!
Cutie pie.
Kitty chasing a kitty...
...and some more.