Saturday, March 27, 2010

Quite possibly the cutest thing I've seen in my entire life

Guthrie loves the Easter bunny. LOVES him (or her, whatever the heck it is). If G were to make a list of his favorite people on the face of the earth it would probably be Mama, Dadda, Sammy and Easter Bunny tied, and Uncle Woo and Addie tied.

Today there was an egg hunt at our neighborhood park hosted by a local church. They had a balloon sculptor, music, treats, and.....the EASTER BUNNY (EB)! Words and pictures cannot convey how enamored Guthrie was with this creature. Upon arrival, G got out of the stroller and proceeded to follow the EB for over an hour straight. He must have gotten about 30 hugs from EB. He barged in on photo ops with other kids. He hovered around while EB was hugging other kids. I gotta hand it to the youth paster (who was inside that wondrous suit), he was super kind and patient with sweet G.

Before the kids were allowed to hunt for their eggs, there was an egg race: you know, the kind where you balance an egg on a spoon and run towards a target far away. Well, imagine 1.5 and 2 year olds grasping this concept, let alone successfully navigating across a small field to the finish. Too funny. G opted to try to eat his egg...

After the egg race, the kids lined up along an area full of colorful eggs- the paster said "Go!" All the kids scampered about, quickly placing eggs in their baskets. All the kids, except Guthrie- he was booking it straight to the EB, practically tripping over all the eggs in the process. What a sweet guy!

Once I got over my strong rush of love for Mr. G, I tried to get a video of him chasing after the EB. I got literally one second filmed before the batteries ran out on the camera. Guess we'll just have to relive this event in our memory!

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Mama V said...

That is just priceless! You are too, too cute, Guthrie!