Monday, April 12, 2010

Should G have been called Sam?

Our own little Samson lost his power today: yup, G got a haircut. Those gorgeous locks were getting to be too hot for our little man and the curls unruly. Although it completely broke my heart to do it, we gave him a chop!

A few pictures to honor the old Guthrie...

Oh, the hair blowing in the breeze!

He's a new man! After 10 minutes of hearing, "All done! All done, all done!" a big boy emerged.

The new 'do.

You are still darn cute as can be sweet bear!


carrie said...

Awww...good job (both of you!) he looks as handsome as ever (but I, too, will miss those flowing locks!)

Traci said...

I LOVE it! All the baby boys in the 'hood are turning into big boys before our eyes. He's darling.

Jessa said...

So so so so cute!