Friday, June 11, 2010

Sammy's five months old?!!

Oh Sammy, we love you so! This boy is all cream and sugar and the cherry on the top! Seriously, Brian and I ask each other daily if he could be any sweeter or cuter (I feel like I've said that before...).

Sammy is quite an observant/engaging little dude. He will look you right in the eye and hold your gaze for the longest time, all the while grinning a huge smile.
Sammy has become a vocal little bug over the past few days- especially in the morning, which is yummy for a mama who is not a morning person. How could you not wake up cheerful to a little guy who is cooing and happily squealing?
We often find ourselves saying that Sammy is having a "love fest" with one of us, which basically means he's pulled himself really close to our face, loudly sighs and coos, and just stares lovingly at us. I swear this guy makes me feel like I'm the dreamiest person alive!
This little bird has become really engaged with his toys lately as well. He's started to show some preferences and will choose what he wants to play with. Sammy doesn't spend much time on his back playing- he will quickly roll over and go to town.

Sammy LOVES Guthrie. It's like they have some secret code or joke sometimes: they just start giggling at each other. This often takes place at the dinner table or in the car when they are close to eye level. It's too cute.

We love you Samster! Stop growing up so fast!