Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sammy's sixth

It's so hard to believe that Sammy's already 6 months old! I really can't emphasize enough of how sweet this little guy is: he makes sugar taste bitter by comparison. Brian and I just can't help but conclude that Sammy simply must be an angel in baby boy form.

Sammy continues to be very observant and intent on looking you in the eye, especially when holding him close- I think he could win just about any staring contest. I have to admit that Sammy helps my self-esteem: he looks at me (well, really everyone...but I like to think it's just me!) like I'm the dreamiest person he's ever seen!

We have a fun little "routine" while he's nursing: Sammy often "pops" off and smiles and coos mid-feeding. Almost every time he's finished, Sammy reaches his hand up to my face and holds it there until I kiss it a bunch of times.

Sammy loves his big brother. Guthrie could practically be sitting on his head and he'd be excited to have him close.

He still loves his thumb!

Now that Sammy's mobile, he's started to get into more and more of Guthrie's toys, so we've been working on sharing a lot lately. Sammy mostly just tries to eat everything- no toy is too big!

MMMMMmmmMmm. Avocados and bananas.
My favorite little smile:

Little old man:

Sammy, you bring endless amounts of joy to our lives! We're so glad you're our little guy- we love you!