Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sammy @ 7 months

Oh sweet boy, how can we count the ways we love you? You are just so darn delightful, it's not possible!

Once again, Bri and I feel like giant cliches and can't help but say that we can't believe that Sammy's already 7 months old. Its just too fast. We blinked and he could sit up completely by himself. He's moving around the house like an old pro- turn your head and he's in another room finding the one exact thing that you wouldn't want him to put in his mouth! He's babbling a good bit, this time around our littlest is saying, "Mamamamamama!" much to my delight! (Bri had his turn with G- "Dadadadada" was a constant for some time)

This guy has us smiling constantly, shaking our heads about how we got so lucky to have such a happy guy for a son?!
Guthrie and Sammy are starting to play together a little bit- we're so proud of G for trying to include Sammy in play. It doesn't usually last too long, but hey, we'll take what we can get and enjoy watching them interact.
We have a good bit of photos of Sammy cleavage. He scoots around on his tummy so fast that often his shirts get pulled down at the neck. He's our little built-in swiffer these days.
Lovin' on Daddy.
Oh that little smile gets us every time. If he keeps this up, we'll be mush in his hands by the time he's a teenager!
"Come here big brother!"

Too much lovin'?

Guthrie and Sammy had their first bath together the other night (no good pictures, sorry) and Sammy was over the moon. He splashed almost the entire time and the two of them ran/scooted around naked a good bit afterward. It was so funny to see them in cahoots, giggling at their nakedness.

As many many children do, Sammy loves to swing. One of our friends recently put G and Sam back to back in a swing at the park and they both thought it was hilarious. We now do this every time we're at the park. (will get a picture of that soon too!)

Sammy and Parker have become good pals recently. Sammy can't get enough of him or Posey- he kicks and squeals whenever either of them come into the room.
Oh Sammy- stop growing up so fast! There's not enough time in the day to give you all the hugs and kisses that you deserve! Thank you for being such a luscious sweet pie- we love you so much!


carrie said...

Happy 7, Sammy!

Mama V said...

I can't believe it either! It seems like just yesterday you brought him home from the hospital! *sigh*

I swear, just when I think it can't be possible, your boys get cuter and cuter with each picture!

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