Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sammy @ 8 months

Oh sweetest boy. You are just too cute for words. Fast as lightning, you can cross the room in seconds while army crawling like a pro. You charm all who come in contact with you with your slow-forming, big smile (showing off your forever snaggle-tooth that finally has a partner). While you like Mama best, you feel comfortable with most people and are easy going. We love when you reach out, grab a cheek to pull in for a slobbery kiss. You are already pulling yourself to a standing position and don't mind (too much) when Guthrie places you back on the floor. Sammy, you're our lovely peanut and we think you're great!
Following in his brother's footsteps, Sammy is quite the cat chaser. He delights in both Parker and Posey, although Parker's the only one who will let Sammy catch him!
Brother bottoms...
Sammy is a maniac in the bathtub. The first time he transitioned from the kiddie bath to the big bath Sammy sat nicely while getting washed. Every time after that he's been a fish: swimming around, splashing like crazy and boldly moving around the whole tub.

Good lookin' like Dad.
Sammy didn't spend too much time in the sand during our trip to the beach- he ate too much of it! He did get to enjoy being in the ocean a bunch...

Playing at the music table. Of course Guthrie loves playing here too, so it's fun to see them both on either side, pushing buttons and singing along.
Standing is just too much fun.

Reading, I mean eating, his books...
One final little story: we sometimes play a little game where Bri or I are "sleeping" and Guthrie wakes us up with a kiss as we declare, "I love kisses!" Yesterday Sammy got in on the action by climbing on top of me and planting a big slobbery, open-mouthed kiss (?) on my cheek! It was so fun to know that he totally knew what the game involved and that he could play too.

We love you little guy!