Friday, April 23, 2010

Boys outside

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...

G still fits in his swing- who cares if his feet hit the forsythia below each time he goes up and down? Time to do some pruning.


Oftentimes, after his nap in the afternoon, Guthrie will climb up onto the couch and ask to "hold" Sammy. He'll enthusiastically hold his arms out and say, "eese, eese" (translation: please, please) until I hand the little guy over.

Once G has the Samster in his arms the following progression usually takes place:
1. G will wait with a smile until I grab the camera
2. Sammy starts sliding down G's lap progressively faster
3. Guthrie proclaims, "all done! All done!" once Sammy is practically horizontal.

All for a photo shoot. And love, too, of course!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just some juicy Sammy pics

Sammy may not have the chunks that Guthrie had, but he sure is just as luscious and squeezable!

New naptime and morning ritual

I'm always amazed about how fast new rituals and habits form with kids. A lot of time I don't realize that patterns are being established until the same actions have been occurring for days or even weeks at a time. For a while now, Guthrie has been requesting books to read in his crib when he wakes up from his nap, and now he's wanting them in the morning too. Often he'll want books from our "special" stash that aren't available all the time (you know, the pretty ones with paper pages...) and many of them at once. Today I counted 15 as I emptied his bed before nighttime. G will spend upwards of 45 minutes post nap reading alone- he makes it very clear that he wants to read on his own. Once I hand over a few books he says, "Bye bye Mama" until I leave the room! I'll often lurk outside for a bit to hear him jabber out loud to his stuffed animal friends about what's in the book, recognizing a few words here and there. When he's ready he'll shout, "all done!" and I'll come retrieve him in the form of a hug because he's simply irresistible!

These are two sleepy-faced pictures from this morning. He still has bed head and squinty eyes, but the reading must go on!

Oh brothers

This morning I left the room for a split second and came back to Guthrie laying on top of Sammy, hugging him. By the time I grabbed the camera, he was sitting up. I think G was almost a little embarrassed to have been "caught" loving on his little brother! All the while Sammy pleasantly played and smiled at his big bro. These guys are too cute.

Just enjoying some post-bath fun in Sammy's bed just before nighttime.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sweet 3

Our little Sam celebrated a life of three months a couple days ago. He's become so active and interactive over the past couple weeks. Sammy is very aware of when his big brother is close and responds excitedly.

Sammy has started performing baby circus tricks for such a wiry little guy like pulling himself to a standing position on my lap and stomping his feet (yikes! Is this guy going to walk at 6 months or something?!! Slow down buddy!). He's rolling over and scooting all over his crib.

Most of all, we're enjoying how responsive Sammy is to our touch, eye contact and conversation. He makes such sweet sounds that melt our hearts! We love you little bear!

Should G have been called Sam?

Our own little Samson lost his power today: yup, G got a haircut. Those gorgeous locks were getting to be too hot for our little man and the curls unruly. Although it completely broke my heart to do it, we gave him a chop!

A few pictures to honor the old Guthrie...

Oh, the hair blowing in the breeze!

He's a new man! After 10 minutes of hearing, "All done! All done, all done!" a big boy emerged.

The new 'do.

You are still darn cute as can be sweet bear!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Oh my goodness

Sammy is truly one smiley guy. He often will stop in the middle of a feeding to flash a milky smile. He loves to stand on our laps so he's eye level and will bounce up and down grinning and cooing.

Sammy had his first full-on belly laugh last night. We were lucky enough to have a camera close by to catch a few sweet moments.

Sammy is one big ole squirmy worm too. This guy can "run" a horizontal mile in about two minutes flat. Sheesh. It wears us out just watching!