Thursday, September 11, 2008

Guthrie's first game of tag

A little game of tag has been going around in the (pottery) blog world and Guthrie is now it! My friend Becky "tagged" him, so now he has to share 6 random things about himself. Here goes, spoken by Guthrie, translated by his mama:

1. My favorite 2 times of each day are: 1- smiling at dad when he comes home from work & 2- snuggling with mama in her bed in the morning. But my most favorite time (every other day or so) is getting a bath.

2. Even though my human best friend is Colin, right now my bestest friend is my stuffed animal Gordon that hangs above me when I get my diaper changed. I could stare, coo, smile and squirm at him for hours. LITERALLY.

3. I don't like it when my mama calls my tummy "Buddha Belly."

4. I starting to be skeptical that Parker and Posey are my true brother and sister that mom and dad keep saying they are. They don't look much like me- they are furry and have tails. Maybe they have a different father (does the milkman have a tail)?

5. I really miss my mawmaw, pawpaw, granny, grandpa, grandma Martha, aunts, great uncle, and cousin who all live in Ohio. 

6. Uncle Woo is my hero.

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Becky said...

Hi, Guthrie! Thanks for playing the game! It's great to get to know even more about you. :)