Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What a boy

Today was one of those special days that Guthrie was just a total sweetie pie all day. We mostly hung around the house and played and talked and ate.

Later on, Bri, Guthrie and I went to dinner with Aunt Tam and Uncle Woo to hear about his birding trip out west. We ate outside downtown and Guthrie seemed to enjoy all the lights, sounds and smells. He sat under a potted tree and spent much of the time looking up, studying it. Then he charmed his aunt and uncle on the way home with smiles and coos. What a guy!

Guthrie looking all chill with dad:
Sweet boy getting ready to go to see Aunt Tam and Uncle Woo:
Getting ready for bed:
Melt my heart why don't cha!

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