Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eight months (and a day, of course)

Happy eight months little buddy! You've grown into such a sweet little bug- squirming and rolling around, and not quite crawling yet. You're super cute when you try to crawl, but get your left leg caught under your butt and then flop forward. It's frustrating for you, but you'll get it soon enough! We love how smiley you are in the morning when you wake up happy and how you reach up and touch our faces so gently. Your all time favorite thing to do right now is to drink from a big kid cup (usually a handmade ceramic one, much to the delight of mama!). We love you big guy!
Get that foot out!
Are you guys watching me?
Beep beep!


Mama V said...

Guthrie, you are nothing but pure joy and yumminess!

The Mastos said...

happy number 8, gus! we love you. :)

Jason and Jeannie said...

Guthrie, you are so cute. You're going to melt some hearts with all that smiling and scooting around.