Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh jeez, the shame....

Growing up it used to drive me nuts to see an entire family at an amusement park dressed all in the same thing (sorry to those of you who do that!). I can appreciate the function of this, but it doesn't help when every other family is dressed in jean shorts and a red t-shirt too. 

Anyway, the other day my friend Julie was over for a visit and we were sitting outside on our porch when I realized that it was relatively warm out, so I took off my sweater and the one Guthrie was wearing. All of a sudden Julie stopped mid-sentence, looked at Guthrie propped on my lap, and started laughing. I didn't understand until I looked down and realized that we were dressed exactly the same: green shirt and brown pants (to my credit, my shirt was absolutely not a onesie). Poor little guy has no hope of coolness.

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Anonymous said...

I knew you really liked dressing like April when you were growing up! ;-) Love, Yo Ma