Friday, May 1, 2009

Move over mom....

Guthrie has a new love. Some may call it blankie, woobie, nunu- whatever the heck you call an inanimate soft object that kids become incredibly attached to. We call his: blanket (so creative). Anyway, Mr. Man has been enjoying his blanket for some time now while sleeping at night or taking naps, but it would usually stay confined to the bed realm. Now it's crossed over to the awake/play/comfort realm. 
We often hang Guthrie's blanket on the side of his crib when he wakes up because it's usually soggy from him chewing, drooling, and generally loving on it. Now that Guthrie's fully mobile and can pull up on anything, he can easily reach his blanket at any given moment.  He will catch a glimpse of it from across the room or hallway and hightail it over there, yank it down, and coo into it with his face rubbing all over. We've even seen his eyes roll back in his head filled with such bliss.  
I love you blanket!
It's hard not to laugh at him trying to crawl while holding onto the blanket (man, do we need a name for this or what?). Guthrie will often get it caught under his knee and can't quite figure out how to drag it while pinned under his leg. It's a funny process. 
Exploring the toy box is much more fun with blanket. 


amy said...

Please note said blanket in the "sleepy head" post. Yea blanket.

Mama V said...

Guthrie is a Linus too?! How cute!

We ended up having to CUT up Lucas's blankie (somehow because of the fabric type I didn't have to hem it...) because the blankie love went on for so long AND I couldn't find the exact one in stores. Invest now or start cutting, Mama!!


amy said...

Funny you should say that V. My mom had said a couple of months ago that I should cut it when I couldn't find one in stores. Just a couple days ago Bri and I were discussing the possibility of it getting the chop!

Ok blanket, you may be multiplying this weekend!