Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New tricks and excitement the Sanders' house and beyond...

Guthrie seems to be busting out new tricks every day now. He's so animated and funny- I can't seem to keep up with it all!

He's always liked books, but the new favorite activity for Mr. G. involving books is pulling all of them off the middle shelf, and then standing on those to reach the top shelf of books. Very innovative. Sometimes he'll pick one and hand it to Bri or me to read, we'll get through about half, and then he's off to some other adventure. He does have about 8 "greatest hits" books that we read over and over and he will sit and help turn the pages. It's so fun to discover that he now has very distinct preferences. 

Oh, the start of a pile.
Getting those middle-shelf books stacked properly for future standing is hard work.
Another new discovery (about 2 weeks now) is the kitty water bowl in the hall bath. I cleaned up about 5 or 6 spills before getting smart and just putting the bowl in the closet until eating time (long story short- one kitty is fat and thus the food has to be controlled). 

Plumber butt waiting to happen if only those pesky diapers didn't ride so high.

This feels good! I totally can't and don't at all get upset with Guthrie wanting to do this because I was so fascinated with playing with water when I was little. Go for it man!

Since Mr. Man likes playing in water so much, I thought we could try a little "controlled" situation with a big water tub outside. He proceeded to take all the toys out of the water, chew them and then finally splash. It was fun and we were both really wet by the end of it.  

This past Sunday the three of us headed to Crowders Mountain State Park for a hike. It was a beautiful day- perfect for heading up a mountain. We encountered a lot of friendly people who liked to comment that Guthrie had the best way to get up the mountain. We couldn't disagree!
About 2/3 of the way up Mr. G. completely zonked out. He looked completely uncomfortable, but obviously it was fine because he was snoring loudly!
The view from the top.
Guthrie was beside himself with joy for reaching the summit!
Having snacks at the top.
Getting back in his hiking limo. Guthrie really likes to be outside and actually giggled the whole way down. He would reach for trees and leaves and kept either patting Brian on the shoulder or rubbing his head. 
On Monday we had some excitement of a very different sort. We had a crane in our driveway and Guthrie got to check out the action while eating lunch. 
Oooooo trucks and cranes. 

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