Sunday, June 21, 2009

Papa's the best!

Guthrie's favorite time of day (well, let's be frank...favorite time besides when he's eating) is when Brian comes home from work. As soon as little man hears his papa's voice, he drops whatever he's doing, looks intently in the direction of the voice and starts squealing and kicking his legs and shaking his head around when he sees him. These boys are so sweet on each other. It's really amazing how, at such a young age, Guthrie recognizes that he is most happy when the three of us are playing together.

My favorite two guys on the face of the earth:

Dad- I'm not ready to wake up and be happy yet!

Even though Bri had never changed one diaper in his life before Guthrie, he was an instant pro.
I thank God every day for such a supportive and loving husband, amazing father and the best friend a gal could ever have. Happy Father's Day sweet sweet man!

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Mama V said...

I love every one of these pictures! Such sweetness. Happy Father's Day, Brian!

And I love how curly and long Guthrie's hair is getting. It's beautiful!