Monday, October 19, 2009

Cute guy

The other day when Guthrie woke up from a nap, he was leaning over the side of his crib against the wall, making the sign for "help." I couldn't figure out what he wanted help with until I looked down the small space between the wall and his crib and realized that there was a rather large collection of socks hiding in a pile on the floor under the crib. Evidently, G had been tossing his socks down there for some time before or after his naps and we just hadn't particularly noticed his small stock of socks dwindling.
So....this meant that I had to squeeze my preggy body under the crib and collect the growing pile of socks. Sheesh. I handed them over to Guthrie and you would've thought it was his birthday and Christmas all at the same time. He kept his little collection with him everywhere he went for the next hour or so. Too funny. I just love these pictures of his sleepy, smiling face, so happy with his "new" toys. Nice bedhead too.
Guthrie has been really into any form of vehicles lately: trucks, buses, cars, etc. We got a great surprise in the mail from our friend Vanessa- a toy garbage truck!
What a perfect late b-day gift. Guthrie has enjoyed playing with his truck on the stretch of wood floor behind our chairs in the living room. It's the perfect little track to send the truck across the room. Thanks Vane!

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Mama V said...

Hurray! I'm so glad he liked the garbage truck! Those pictures are ADORABLE!