Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall at the farm

Yesterday we headed to a little farm just outside of Charlotte with the Masto family to check out some animals, pumpkins, and general fall goodness. We also met our friends (and neighbors) Paul, Traci and Greta to have a full-on kidfest (those boys need to hang out with some chicks anyway!).

Checking out the pigs.

Colin and Mike get a good look.
There's some goats Dadda.

Mike and Greta looking at some animals.
Goats are so cool!

Guthrie really enjoyed playing amongst the pumpkins. He looked like a little autumn poster boy in his fall colors.
Pumpkins make good seats too.

The Plaza Acres rascals hanging on a pile of hay.

Yuck! Hay doesn't taste so good...
Thanks, guys, for a fun outing!

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Mama V said...

Guthrie makes THE best facial expressions! Fantastic!