Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sorry Mr. G....

....it had to be done. Nothing like a naked romp through the house to brighten your day.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy 11 months you nekked cowboy!

Oh, Mr. G., you're such a fun guy! We love how you are quick to smile, hug us tightly when we pick you up and how you can play so well independently. 
Your hair is getting long, and curls into great little ringlets after a bath, and then dries straight (save a few luscious curly locks in the back).
You are so mobile now, and we enjoy watching you explore and experience what's around you.
Sweet pretty blues. 

Your blanket is your bestest friend. Your all time favorite thing to do is to bury your face in it and rub it around. 
We love you so much sweet guy- stop growing up so fast!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Yesterday, through the generosity of a good friend (thanks Jeannie!), we added an awesome little red wagon to our collection of fun things to play with outside. 

We took it for a test ride around the block- Guthrie really loved it at first, didn't like to ride in the bumpy yard too much, and then loved it again once we hit the road.
Yay! The wagon is fun, plus I get to bring along some friends!

Just chillin' in big red.
Where are we going Mama?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mama's Day!

What better way to celebrate than with super cute pictures of our sweet little guy. 
Grrrrr. I'll get you mama!
Mr. G.'s interest in books has really increased over the past month. He'll be playing in his room, and then we'll hear the "dreaded" complete silence. We'll peek in to often find him surrounded by books, intently turning the pages. 

Digging into the toy box with blanket in hand. 
Can't celebrate mother's day without my two favorite guys.
Daily sight in the Sanders' house: Papa and Gus playing the piano together.

I'm so thankful to be your mama sweet guy!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Move over mom....

Guthrie has a new love. Some may call it blankie, woobie, nunu- whatever the heck you call an inanimate soft object that kids become incredibly attached to. We call his: blanket (so creative). Anyway, Mr. Man has been enjoying his blanket for some time now while sleeping at night or taking naps, but it would usually stay confined to the bed realm. Now it's crossed over to the awake/play/comfort realm. 
We often hang Guthrie's blanket on the side of his crib when he wakes up because it's usually soggy from him chewing, drooling, and generally loving on it. Now that Guthrie's fully mobile and can pull up on anything, he can easily reach his blanket at any given moment.  He will catch a glimpse of it from across the room or hallway and hightail it over there, yank it down, and coo into it with his face rubbing all over. We've even seen his eyes roll back in his head filled with such bliss.  
I love you blanket!
It's hard not to laugh at him trying to crawl while holding onto the blanket (man, do we need a name for this or what?). Guthrie will often get it caught under his knee and can't quite figure out how to drag it while pinned under his leg. It's a funny process. 
Exploring the toy box is much more fun with blanket. 

Blueberries are yummy

There's nothing quite like a fruit goatee.