Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Coming Home

Thanks to everyone for all the kind words and prayers! We are so happy about our little guy and glad to be home.
Guthrie amazed us with his sweetness upon meeting little Sammy. He was so intrigued, and kept "hugging" him by laying his head on Sammy's lap. Below is a tender little kiss G planted on his head! (notice the baby on G's lap- had wanted to have one for the pictures too!)
Happy happy family!
I'll soon do a monster post of pictures galore- you know digital cameras, it's so easy to crank out hundreds!


Adorable Addie said...

Oh my goodness, Guthrie suddenly looks so big sitting next to his little brother!!!!

carrie said...

yep, Guthrie has aged a few years! :)
Glad you're home, safe and sound!

Traci said...

Wonderful family! You guys look fabulous! Can't wait to meet Sammy and see big brother Guthrie again. Be well.

Adorable Addie said...

Papa loves the pictures of Dougie!!!

Jessa said...