Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another new room for G!

Just off our living room is a small porch-converted sunroom. For some time now, Bri and I have wanted to turn this space into a play room for Guthrie (and his new sibling!). It hasn't been really functional for us in the past (besides being somewhat of a dumping ground for random stuff) and felt like it would be a perfect little play get-away for our sweet guy.

So, during our recent barrage of "re-nesting" before the little belly bug comes, Bri and I finally cleared out all the junk (hooray for purging!) and set up a sweet little space for G. We decided that he now has the 2 coolest rooms in the house!
G's new playroom houses his little table, some bigger toys, trucks, books, art stuff and some other random toys.
Toys stored down below, art supplies aptly placed high enough to be out of reach. I'm sure we'll soon have to move some of those upward!
Coloring a bit on his new table.
Well-used reading nook.

Hooray for my new room!

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