Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hooray for a year and a half, buddy!

This is a little late for a proper year and a half b-day posting, but hey, that's ok! We like to celebrate this guy every day!

G had his 18 month check up last week. He's a very healthy guy:
-weight: 50th percentile
-height: 50th percentile
-cuteness: 97th percentile
-sweetness: 99th percentile
We were a little surprised to hear that he's average for his age in size since so many people comment on how big he is for a little guy. Bri and I determined that everyone is fooled into thinking this because of his big hair and giant cheeks!
Guthrie loves playing with things in groupings. He's very much an organizer. His recent "toy" of choice is a pile of old bibs that he gets out of a drawer in the baby's room every day. He loves to put them in his big truck, push them around the house, take them out and count them and then put them back and push again. Repeat this about 10 times for about 2 hours or so.

I can't remember if this has been mentioned before, but G has an incredibly keen eye for railroad crossings, signs, tracks and cars. Whenever we cross over any tracks or any are in plain sight, he shouts, "OOOOOOOOOO-ooooooo-WOOOOOOOOO!" over and over again. It's so darn cute! We find that we can't help ourselves from shouting whenever we cross over tracks too- even if the little guy's not in the car. Dorky, yes, but true.
Ummmmm....dont' know if that's the proper way to ride the horse?!!

G's vocabulary is expanding every day. It's been so much fun hearing him try new sounds and words, often repeating things we say. Conveniently, one of his newer, distinctly pronounced words has been "baby." Maybe the little guy is catching on to what's happening soon!

Playing in dad's hat.

Guthrie loves blowing kisses- whenever someone is leaving, when we go through the checkout at the store, going to bed at night, etc. The kiss is in generous, full effect. On the other hand, when we ask G for an actual kiss, this little guy offers his forehead! Too funny. He's slowly catching on sometimes offering a drooly, open-mouth lip kiss.

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Jessica said...

I was looking at Guthrie and Colin together at brunch and was surprised to see that their bodies are actually very close to the same size. It's definitely the head/cheeks/curly hair that makes him look bigger!