Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday fun in OH

While we were home in Cinci over Thanksgiving; Bri, Guthrie and I headed downtown to check out the great train display at the Duke Energy building (what was long-time known as the GE display). It's a long-standing tradition for many families, so we thought we'd join in the fun on the opening day.

Dada and G getting a first look. Guthrie was pretty mesmerized by the whole scene.
Trains coming around the bend!
Mama and G checking out the "green energy" section of the display. Go windmills!
We didn't get a picture, but there was a cool effect as one of the trains had a camera mounted on the front and projected a picture of it's traveling scenes onto a big screen tv. Many of the details of the buildings and trees were made with great detail, so the images on the screen looked quite realistic.

There were also some large stuffed, animated elves that were arranged above the trains. After some time, Guthrie started to pay more attention to those guys than the trains!
Checking out some older, decommissioned trains up close.

After the trains, we searched around for more holiday lights and action around town. The large outdoor display at Fountain Square (the central gathering point of the city) wasn't slated to debut until later that night so we headed back inside and found this giant tree. Guthrie mostly liked the glittery "snow" just inside the little fence and tried hard to come home with a handful for himself.

There was a little cafe here, so we helped ourselves to some hot beverages and a snack. G enjoyed climbing all over the chairs that were a perfect height.
Stay tuned for more outings! We're really enjoying having our favorite little guy around to help us create some of our own family Christmas traditions.

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Mama V said...

oh boy! i'll have to show these pics to the boys tomorrow (both are asleep). they'll go ga-ga and beg to be taken to Ohio!