Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Room

Nothing quite like a big 'ole cheese face to start a post!
Bri and I completed Guthrie's new room just after getting back from our Ohio visit over Thanksgiving. G spent a whole week playing and getting acquainted with it before we made the big switch by moving his bed and allowing to sleep in there. We were so impressed with how quickly Guthrie adjusted to his new space. And, heck, why shouldn't he? It's only the absolute coolest room in the entire house!

View from just inside the door. It's the smallest room in the house (besides bathrooms, of course), but the absolute perfect size for a little guy. We tried to maximize every nook and cranny in the space to make it special.
I made G this owl lamp during my classes this last session (it ended up getting a different, plain white shade). He really seems to like it and will point and say, "whooo whooo" at it until it's turned on. Too sweet.
Little man's name spelled out in blocky letters from the alphabet piece from an earlier gallery exhibit.
Dadda showing off the room- lots of shelves for toys and books. You better believe it that G has already climbed up on that shelf above his chair. Crazy monkey- it is pretty tempting, you can't blame the little guy!
A little cushioned nook where Guthrie can sit and read or snuggle with his friends.
Of course Duy's wonderful painting had to move into the new room....
More owl artwork in G's room...


Jessa said...

Love it! I wish that was my room.

Traci said...

Very sweet space. Lucky boy!