Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The world according to Gus

As stated in an earlier post, we are very aware of the time that is left before our new little sweet babe is welcomed into the world and we become a family of 4. I remember before Guthrie came along, Bri and I were so worried about how our cats would feel when we brought our baby home (?). How silly that feels now compared to thinking about the adjustments that G will go through becoming a big brother! I guess it's all about perspective at that particular moment.
Guthrie is growing into such a sweet little guy (well, he's pretty much always been that, but seems even more so as of late!). He's getting so big: he enjoys "helping" a lot, is talking up a storm and is becoming more and more independent. Here are some sweet tidbits about our favorite guy:
Everything is HOT until proven otherwise (this is usually spoken in a whisper with much emphasis on the "t"). He likes to blow his food even if it's just plain cold and loves to touch a hot mug of tea or hot chocolate. G is starting to use a spoon with greater and greater dexterity, but isn't all of the way there yet.
He has several favorite words and phrases, but on the top of that list is either shoes (heavy on the "s") or Baba (Parker). Guthrie likes to say "all done" while doing the sign, especially while I'm singing- what exactly is he trying to say?!!!
Whenever Guthrie hears anyone whistling, he "whistles" as well by putting his mouth into an "o" and making high pitched sing-songy sounds. Too cute.

Oh yeah- the picture below, G is in time out. We have a hard time keeping a straight face as he slides down the wall. He actually does really well and it kinda works...
Lately Guthrie hasn't been playing with toys much, he's entertained for hours with his laundry basket filled with shoes, playing cards, puzzle pieces or his alphabet flash cards. He will dump them out, stack them, and pile back into the basket. Repeat about 7 or 8 times during the day.

He really likes to organize things and often carries items around in groupings (like 5 little cars, stacks of puzzles or books).
We've been impressed with G's ability to complete little wooden puzzles. He will spend time contemplating where certain pieces go and then clap when he gets them right. So modest...
This is Guthrie's "cheese" face that he makes often when the camera is out.
Once quite a squirmy fellow (meaning he didn't like to simply sit on laps to cuddle), G has turned into a great cuddler, much to the delight of Bri and I. He often will just stop playing, climb up on a lap and want to be rocked or just have a squeeze.
Guthrie loves to say "hi" whenever he comes into a room, or someone new comes into a room. When we eat out or go grocery shopping, he charms everyone by flashing a big smile and shouting hi until he gets a response.
G likes to laugh really loudly after everyone else has laughed. It's almost like he gets the joke late!
While eating out, Guthrie will often grab the hand of whomever is sitting closest to him and place it on his belly while he's eating. He'll want it there during the entire duration of the meal.
He loves playing with these beads. We get them out every so often so they remain special.
Guthrie likes to point out body parts- belly was once his favorite, now it's "nose." He still likes to pull up our shirts and pat bellies. When G says anything that has an "l" (like belly or Olivia), he sticks out his tongue the entire time he's saying the word.
We love you sweet bear and know you'll be a great big brother!!!

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Jessa said...

What a guy! It was so great meeting you two and can't wait to hear about when your new babe arrives! Rest up!