Sunday, December 6, 2009

Charlotte Roller Girls

For some time now, we've been hyper-aware of cherishing our time with just the three of us (Gus, Bri and I) before the baby comes. As a result, we have been intentional about trying to do some special things with Guthrie. Tonight, that special event was heading to check out our local roller derby! We've been wanting to go for some time now, but just haven't made the trip. This was the last bout of the season, and one of the teachers from our preschool was retiring from the team (AKA Lucy Kwipment), so it seemed like the right time to go.
The Cougars vs. the Kittens in action. It was really crowded, fun and loud. Guthrie was completely captivated with all the movement and noise. He sat sweetly on Bri's lap for the entire first half watching intently and clapping.

Ladies on the move:
Hooray for the roller derby!
This was some weird green dude (?) dancing during the halftime performance.
Kids from the crowd dancing on the rink at halftime.

Some nice people behind us let Guthrie play with their little coin-filled bottles which are just used as noisemakers. He loved shaking those puppies!
We all had a really great time, it was surprisingly family friendly, and G got to see some tough women in action!

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Jessa said...

I love that one of his preschool teachers is a derby girl. That's awesome!