Saturday, December 19, 2009

That little rascal just can't help himself...

Guthrie has been doing the typical little guy activity of getting into the kitchen cabinets and drawers for some time, but this week he upped the ante by busting into dresser drawers. To his delight, G discovered a just-filled diaper drawer! Let's just say that day was filled with emptying, dive-bombing the diapers on the floor and then refilling. Super fun for this little guy!

Please mom? I wanna empty the drawer- again!
Heh heh heh.

Little sneak...

Today Guthrie discovered a new use for his giant dump truck. Didn't you know it can also double as a little ride-on toy? Mama discovered that, while fun/funny, bending over and pushing a little guy throughout the house is probably not the best preggy activity- G was laughing way too hard to stop!


Mama V said...

Look at those big teeth! And that beautiful curly hair!

I just LURV his facial expressions! They're priceless!

And this brought me back to the early days when Lucas did the exact same thing of yanking out the clothing in drawers. I keep waiting for Jesse to get into it (and sometimes I'll even encourage it when I need him to occupy himself while I get somethign done!) but he could care less. *sigh*

amy said...

V- that's too funny that you encourage Jesse to get into the drawers! Maybe you should hide a few trains amongst the clothes?!!