Monday, November 1, 2010

The whole Halloween story

This year our Halloween journey started a couple weeks ago at a local farm just 10 minutes from our house. It's always amazing to think about how fast the Charlotte area can turn rural if you head in the right direction!

The farm had a few animals in prominent view for the kiddos. Guthrie couldn't help but say, "Hello chicken!" to the, well, chickens.
More, "hi chickens!"
We're so thankful that Sammy seems to really like being in a carrier, strapped to one of us. It makes galavanting all over the place so much easier with two hands available to chase down Mr. G.

Sammy enjoying a little snack with Papa.
Sweet boys!
Guthrie found a pumpkin for us- umm...probably too big.
Heading to the pumpkin patch and horses.

Guthrie is completely enamored with animals- especially horses and cows. As his vocabulary is rapidly expanding, G can express his wants and needs rather well. Here, he said, "Guthrie watch the horsies?" He'll often do this with particularly favorite pages in books: he says, "Guthrie watching," as he wants to look at a page for a long time. Too cute.

Sammy watching his brother watching...

More watching...
On to the pumpkins! Pick out a good one...
This is it!

Several days later....onto the carving!
Being a particularly tidy guy...
...Guthrie did NOT want to touch the pumpkin guts. Like a good mom, I had to tease (well, torture) him by dangling the slimy goo in front of his face. Sammy probably wanted to eat it!
Drawing where to cut. When asked what kind of jack-o-lantern Guthrie wanted, he said, "a ghost and a spider!" So that's what G got!
AAAAAAAAA! Scary ghost!
Yikes. Crazy lady with a knife. Hide your children!
Sammy watches intently while eating a little snack.
Checking out the lit spider.
OoooOOoo. Scary ghost- not so much.
Onto the costumes! My friend Kathy had a great cow costume that she made herself (!) for her kids a few years back and offered for G to borrow it. What a hit! But Guthrie was not simply a cow. According to him, when asked what he was going to be dressed as for the holiday, he was a "Halloween Cow." Too cute.
Sammy got a homemade costume by yours truly! He was a "Halloween Monster," according to G. Sammy is such a funny little character- we often call him a monster in every day life because he's just so full-on action all the time, reaching, growling, shouting, into stuff. So it seemed fitting to dress him intentionally as one. None of these pictures turned out too great, but his monster mouth and teeth match Sammy's own: with one giant fang on top!

Cutest monster ever!
Halloween cow. Halloween cow.

Well, there were several attempts to get a mama and costumed sons picture, without a good result. They were just rarin' to go!
As far as trick-or-treating, we had a grand 'ole time. After two fruitless "surprise" stops at friends' houses (maybe surprising wasn't the best idea for friends who are potentially out!), we landed in a neighborhood with lots of decorations and excited candy-givers. Guthrie had practiced the routine in the car: "Knock knock knock, then what?" "TRICK OR TREEEEAT!" He was so cute. The first house the homeowner offered him the bowl and Guthrie took only one piece. When offered again, he said, "one for Mama," and handed it to me. I almost cried it was so sweet. Bri and Sammy tagged along and just added more cuteness. After 3 or 4 houses of pure cuteness, we headed back to the car and over to Uncle Tom and Aunt Tam's house. We hung out there for a short bit and headed home. Guthrie got to pick a piece of candy and chowed down. Two boys played for a quick bit and then headed for bed. It was a simple, pleasant time that made us fall in love with our sweet boys all over again!