Wednesday, October 27, 2010


As "reported" before, Guthrie is quite the little organizer. He loves grouping like items and gets on little trends of play that will be repeated many times until he finds a new one.

A recent trend is putting like toys in a circle- animals this day, it's often cars too. Here's G checking for any missed toys:

Doing final placements. Amazingly, he'll often arrange items by size as well. What a guy!


Mama V said...

Wow, I've never seen a kid do that before! Truly amazing!

carrie said...

how did he make such perfect circles? that's fine work!

amy said...

Guthrie's one particular little dude.

He's probably done this about 10 times total- the first 3 or 4 he did completely himself and now he likes me to help him and practically refuses to go on until I participate. I think it's that whole engage mama in the activity thing...incredibly, the circles in the pictures are his doing.

Traci said...

Um . . . has anyone ever read the book Pet Cemetary? Concentric circles?? Just sayin' . . . ;)

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