Thursday, October 7, 2010

Loooooooooong overdue birthday party pictures

There's obviously much to catch up on...what, for not posting for almost a month (la-zy mama!), so I thought I'd reach a ways back and finally upload a bunch of pictures from Guthrie's 2 year old birthday party!

It was a lovely day- G started the afternoon right with a ride on this new (to him, at least!) pony in his special hat.

Not being one who's super big on decorations myself, although I totally love when other people do them, I decided that G deserved some streamers and balloons to ring in his big day.
It hadn't rained for almost 3 weeks before the party, so wet weather didn't even come to mind when we were planning a pool party/cookout. Oops- it started to literally downpour in buckets about 15 minutes after everyone arrived. So much for the decorations....the kids didn't seem to mind- they actually loved the rain while in the pool.

We decided to join them in the pool since we were soaked already anyway.

"Happy birthday to you!"

Cupcakes are delish!!!!
I love the cute look on Aydin's face (in the right corner of the picture), gazing at the cupcakes- take one cutie!

Mmmm...those cupcakes must be heavenly for Jeanene!
Back in the pool- what a great way to wash off the remaining icing.
Three generations of Galuski women!

Some menfolk watching a game of cornhole. Yes, Matthew's that tall that he's further from the camera than Brian, yet still appears to be taller.
Ladyfolk talkin' on the studio porch.
Tammy and sweet Luca: the neighborhood's own Winnie Cooper!

Matthew and Cadence perform circus tricks for the crowd...

And the day was finished with a Guthrie burrito!
Happy day for this little guy!