Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An explosion of Sammy pictures for reaching his 9th month!

Sammy! You are such a crazy little peanut monster- complete with a fang! This guy is full-on, all the time. Cruisin' around, playing hard (independently, often, for long stretches of time), chasing the kitties. Sammy has even developed comic timing and can have Guthrie in stitches.
Nothing can stand in the way of Sammers- he will try creative routes to get what he's after. It helps that this guy's pretty darn tough too...

This guy's got quite a soft side too: everywhere and anywhere that Sammy can find something soft (blanket, shirt, kitty tail, etc) he grabs it and pops in this thumb. But no other time (not when bored or even upset)- thumb sucking is always directly correlated to holding something and it's so darn cute.

As evidence shows above, Sammy likes to taste almost everything. He loves being outside, crawling in the grass, but it's hard to allow him to explore much because he'll get his week's worth of fiber in about 3 minutes of eating leaves and grass...
This particular day, Sammy coughed up a sizable leaf once we were inside. It wasn't until I downloaded the pictures later that I realized that below was probably the moment of ingestion! MmmmMMmm. Maple leaves taste sweet!

While Sammy's not a particularly cuddly little fella, he's quite the lover boy. Sammy likes to reach up and touch/stroke my cheek while he's nursing or taking a bottle. He'll often greet us with a sloppy, wet kiss when picked up after a nap. Sammy takes notice when Bri or I enter the room when he's playing- he'll book it across the room and climb up a leg to be picked up, greeted and hugged, then wants down again to get back to the task at hand.

Crazy banana-hair kid!
Nothing like catching a good butt-sniffin' (accidentally) on camera.
Sweet boys.
Guthrie has really become interested in playing with Sammy lately. He'll often seek Sammy out and try to include him or they'll simply be occupied with different activities in very close proximity in the playroom. Too sweet. We're excited for them to be friends too.
Beautiful boy.

Checking himself out in the mirror.
Guthrie reaching out to say good morning.

Following in big brother's footsteps as a cat lover.
Our friend Jess's genius idea- two boys+one swing= big times!

Sammy, you are such a cute bird, sweet pie! We love you!


Anonymous said...

Loved the Sammyfest!! Scrumptious!! Big smooches to sweet G and Sammy 9 Months.

Jessa said...

What a sweet thing!

Love the owl hat!!! Anthropology?

amy said...

You got it, Jessa! It was Guthrie's first and was way too expensive for a kid's hat (but oh so beautiful!) so it's good that Sammy can wear it too!

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