Saturday, January 24, 2009

big boy

Guthrie had his 7 month birthday yesterday and somehow 7 sounds so big. He's surprising and delighting us with new tricks every day: saying, "dadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadada," (but no mamamamama yet), reaching up to be picked up and squeezing tightly, rolling around all over the place and leaning from a sitting position into a crawl position (but no movement yet, mostly faceplants), really really playing with his toys, eating all sorts of yummy food, becoming interested in certain books more than others, laughing a silly cough-ish laugh. On top of all these fun things, he's just super sweet and honestly fun to be around.
Ok- this kid is crazy. EVERYTHING goes in the mouth, nothing is impossible. Even this giant exercise ball that we were playing with today. Somehow Guthrie managed to slobber all over it, while making slapping, sucking noises. Strange bird.
What's a rotary phone? Didn't they use those in, like, the '20's or something?Mmmmmm. Peas for his inauguration meal.
Hooray! Obama's now our president!


Jessa said...

Hooray for 7 months of cuteness and 8 years of President Obama!

The Mastos said...

yay guthrie!

Leslie said...

Amy, he is soooo precious. I miss you guys so much!!!