Friday, January 2, 2009

Home (Ohio home) for the holidays

Brian, Guthrie and I travelled to Cinci for a great week-long visit at home in Ohio. My dad worked really hard to get the basement room ready and cozy for us for our time at the Roush's (thanks!)- we have plush arrangements at both the Roush and Sanders' houses! Time was filled with games, talking, hanging out by the fire (my personal favorite- Guthrie liked it too), and resting. Oh, and eating lots of Skyline!

I feel that it's important to start this post with this picture as proof that kids don't really need toys: here's Mr. Man surrounded by all sorts of goodies and what is he playing with? A measuring cup, of course! He really liked opening presents- tearing paper and trying to eat it. While he got some cool stuff that he's enjoyed since, I think we could've just wrapped empty boxes and let him go to town.
Checking out the jack-in-the-box with dad. We were thoroughly disappointed that he wasn't scared of it and only tried to eat the surprise clown. Oooooo. More things to tear.
Checkin' out the barn animals with Aunt Rit and Granny.Oh man, is there nothing else to open?Hanging with Aunt April.Grandpa is fun!Playing puzzles with cousin Addie.Making funny faces with Uncle Scott.

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The Mastos said...

i like the picture of guthrie and addie....he looks like a real boy playing