Monday, April 13, 2009

All sorts of happenings

I apologize for the lack of posting recently. Guthrie's had all sorts of adventures and cute anecdotes lately. 

He's officially cruising all around and loves to climb up on anything he can get his hands on for balance. We've decided that very soon he's going to resemble his papa as a kiddo: into everything! He's already pulled a side table in the living room onto himself several times. Last week I found Guthrie in the bathroom laying in a puddle of Parker and Posey's drinking water that he dumped out onto himself- it was hilarious, at first he was crying but as soon as I came into the room and asked him, "what happened?" the rascal started laughing. Too funny. 

We often bring Mr. Man into our bedroom in the morning when he wakes up. He'll eat and then often fall back asleep. We like to cuddle, but sometimes have to get up before he wakes up. He looks so sweet and little in that big bed all by himself. It reminds me that even though he's growing like a weed and no longer seems like that baby baby he was not too long ago- Guthrie's still a little guy!
Last week we had some sweet visitors: April and Addie came to town for spring break. We played games, went to the children's library downtown, hung out outside and bowled. Guthrie and Addie were really sweet together- she really plays well with him. 
We were fortunate to have access to a cabin in the mountains (thanks Anne!) in Sparta, NC so we headed up there this past on Friday afternoon. It was really nice- overlooked a river and had a small pond and huge fireplace. We went for a short walk in the woods to collect some kindling, and Guthrie thought it was so fun. He kept laughing and was beside himself with delight when I gave him a stick to hold. For once it didn't go directly in his mouth, he just held it tightly in the middle. Brian started hitting it with another stick- Guthrie caught on quickly and they had a little sword fight. It was really cute.  
Back at the cabin, hanging out in the sitting room. Playing a game of eat my fingers!
Exploring the cabin with a fire roaring in the background:
On Saturday we headed to Damascus, VA to ride the Virginia Creeper Trail- a bike trail that was created on an old train track that follows a river. You can rent bikes and catch a shuttle to the neighboring town of White Top and then ride the 17 miles downhill back to town. Brian and I had the ideal vision of biking in the sunshine with Guthrie riding along in his little buggy laughing the whole way down. Well. Not so much sunshine or laughing happened. While Guthrie was fully bundled and cozy, we realized not 2-tenths of a mile in the ride that the poor little guy was getting doused with mud from the tires of the bike! The little buggy only had a mesh covering which didn't offer much protection from the elements. Our only option was to go on with the bike ride and periodically stop to wipe his face and go through any puddles slowly. The little guy is truly a trooper!

In the buggy at the start:
So thrilled about the ride:
Yay! Papa's leading the way.
This is the river that flows along the path (sorry I can't remember it's name). It was really high and flowing quickly. We found a really lovely place to stop for lunch. Guthrie really enjoyed looking at the water (and also enjoyed stopping!). 

You can't hardly tell, but this was supposed to be a picture of the mud on his face (it didn't show it very well). This kid cracks me up- he wasn't too happy with us, but when I got out the camera to take his picture, he flashed this smile. What a guy!

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Jason and Jeannie said...

Very cute--I love his little grumpy face. He looks like he's going to make you pay for this someday.