Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Boy genius in the making

Guthrie has been surprising us with all sorts of tricks lately, which has been really fun. The newest: yesterday I had left him "playing quietly" in his room to throw some stuff in the washer. A couple of minutes later I came back to this:
He was absolutely delighted to be playing the piano. He kept hitting one note at a time, changed to hitting several, and then on to pulling up on the keys. He would look up and chuckle, then turn seriously back to the piano.

Check out the little musician in action. His papa would be proud!


Traci said...

Beethoven in the making! Or better yet - - Ben Folds or John Legend ;)

Anonymous said...

great pics and video... pretty soon he'll be playing that boogie woogie

jbf said...

I need to take some lessons from Guthrie since I don't play as well as he does.

Priceless pics and video.