Friday, April 24, 2009

The big 1-0!

Mr. Man turned double digits (in months- heck, that's big time in babyville) yesterday. What a guy: super mobile, daredevil, charming, smiley, cuddly, stubborn, sweet, sweet cheeks, super duper, beautiful, observant, and snaggle-toothed. He's really been turning on the charm lately- anytime we're in the grocery, bank, etc., Guthrie has a great way of bringing a smile to everyone's face who encounters him. 

Playing with papa (probably shouting one of his signature "coughy" laughs).
Pulling up on everything.
Hanging in the hammock with mawmaw last weekend.
Obviously it was very comfortable.
Being cute just before a walk:
The little guy loves to be outside. Today he was so good and played independently outside while my friend Ron and I glazed some tiles (don't worry, we were outside too). I'm just so proud of Guthrie for being so curious and exploring whatever's around.
Speaking of exploring (and daredevil), if you turn your head for one moment, the little guy is climbing up and into everything. Here he is checking out the toy box from another vantage point. 
He also has no fear of climbing over and out of things. Brian caught him just before he hit the ground while climbing out of this one (hence no picture of the dangling kid). 
It just plain doesn't seem possible, but we love you more and more each day sweet one!


carrie said...

Happy 10, sweet guy.

Mama V said...

Great pictures!