Friday, August 21, 2009

Just some sweet pictures

A few sweet nothings about our little guy:

Almost every morning (after fambly cuddling time in our bed), Bri or I take Guthrie outside to say good morning to all the trees in the yard. This usually consists of him patting the tree, pulling a leaf if its available, making cute sounds, and then reaching for the next. G especially likes our giant oak tree in the front yard ("Johnny Oak" as named by Brian). This is always followed with time in the hammock spent cuddling, listening to/watching birds, and eventual squirming.
Every single night before we go to bed, Bri and I have to "go see that little boy." We sneak into his room and can't help ourselves from stroking his hair or cheek, covering him up with one of the 7 blankets he's pulled into bed and commenting on how beautiful/big/little he is.
As if you couldn't guess, Guthrie is a major ham. He is constantly flirting, catching people's attention in stores and restaurants and showing off. Recently friends popped in for a visit and Guthrie fully entertained the four of us literally for an hour straight (after his bedtime) by making little jokes of biting his books and then looking up and laughing, digging out that one toy in the bottom of the toy box, and just being silly.
Guthrie recently had us in stitches by doing this goofy bucket routine where he would dump all the blocks out of the bucket, put it on his head, and then start crawling around the room with it on his head. He had fun bumping into whatever was in the way: chairs, people, cats, etc. We couldn't figure out if he can see a little or if he just knows about where he's headed and goes for it.
If one of us is laying on the floor or someplace easily accessible to this little guy, he'll often come over to cuddle.
Guthrie loves reading/playing with his books. He probably spends at least one-third of his play time with them.


***Lauren Lyon*** said...

Our Nephew is so handsome!

Mike said...

this is an awesome post. he's an amazing little guy!

jbf said...

He's so photogenic and look at all those teeth!