Sunday, August 2, 2009

Swim, drink, sleep

Last week we traveled home to Cinci for a nice long visit with family. Truthfully, Guthrie had a long visit, while Bri and I had a relatively short visit and then ran off to Boston by ourselves for a 10th anniversary trip for a few days. This allowed G to hang out with his gracious grandparents (thanks a MILLION guys!), aunts, uncles, friends and cousins. He totally had a blast (at least that's what they told us...) swimming, playing, eating and cuddling. Meanwhile, Bri and I had a blast sleeping, playing, eating and cuddling.

My mom and dad just got a new pool. It was Guthrie's first time ever in a big guy pool and he loved it. We think he was a fish in a past life. As soon as we hit the water he was immediately trying to launch out of my arms to go for a swim. He didn't mind going under one bit (not even the time he fell off the raft -oops- while my dad and I were pushing him back and forth). We were thankful that he had these good experiences in the water.

Preparing for launch...
Wa-hoooooo! (with goggles still in hand)
Safe landing.
Guthrie seems like such a big boy to us lately. He's doing all sorts of new tricks such as walking up to 6 steps (of course, not when we are saying, "come on, come here Guthrie." Guess he doesn't wanna be a dog!), saying, "Ah da" (all done) when he's finished eating or drinking, and doing several signs.

Before naps and about a half an hour before bedtime at night Mr. G. gets a small cup of milk. We've helped get him into the habit of sitting in his little chair cousin Steve made for him while drinking.

Again, drinking in his recent fashion statement: diaper and t-shirt.
Mmm. Zebras are a good pre-nap snack.
Ok, G loves all things soft- blankets, towels, clothes, stuffed animals, etc. This kid is a blanket addict. When we put him to bed, he gets his special blankie and usually one other. There is a small stack of blankets just next to his crib (purposefully placed)- every time we come in when he wakes up, magically there are up to 7 blankets in the crib with him! We finally caught him in the act- and, yes, that was how he was sleeping!

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