Monday, August 24, 2009

Mr. Tough Stuff

So, it was bound to happen sometime- that initiation into parenthood (especially as parents of an incredibly active and adventuresome little boy)- and that time was last night: we took a late night trip to the emergency room. Poor Guthrie took a dive into his toy box after walking across his room with his milk cup in hand and his lower lip broke the fall. Little bear was so brave- he hardly even cried and proceeded to suck on an ice cube while we gathered what was needed for the hospital (BLANKIE, some extra ice, diapers, insurance card, etc.).
Over the course of the next three hours at the hospital Guthrie was completely spastic and over-energized. He proceeded to charm all the nurses, jump on the bed for 20 minutes straight and just plain be a squirm monster. The doctor concluded that he would need 3 stitches because the cut crossed over his lip line. They tried to numb the area topically first, but that didn't quite work because he kept licking the gauze, so they eventually had to make a Guthrie burrito to give him shots in his lip and then the 3 stitches.
We've been amazed by Guthrie's good spirits since his fall and can't believe how quickly he's healing. We weren't sure if he would play tentatively or change any of his actions, but this does not seem to be the case. As Brian says, "he's just plain super duper!"


jbf said...

What a trooper! You just can't slow that guy down.

Kids bounce pretty well. Stephanie got three stitches in the corner of her mouth when she fell on the flap of an open cardboard box in daycare. To this day she has no fear of cardboard.

Traci said...

Aw, I hope his little lip heals up fast!

Jessa said...

Poor guy! He looks so tough now. What a bundle of fun he is.

Mama V said...

Poor Guthrie!

Poor mom and dad!

But you all survived. Phew. ;)

No more shenanigans, Gus!!