Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Last Saturday Guthrie and I headed to Freedom Park, here in Charlotte, for the Festival in the Park. It's one of those family events that has art, music, rides, food, etc. Bri and I had gone once before several years ago, but only checked out the art area. Now that G is around, I of course decided to venture into the "family area.". Boy, were we in for a treat.

Unfortunately, I had to park far away and had mistakenly left my wallet in the car. So, by the time I realized this, we were well into the thick of the rides and such. Guthrie had such a great time just looking at the colors and little cars going in circles and watching the other kids that I don't think he cared much that he wasn't actually on the rides- they were probably too big for him anyway.

By far his favorite feature was the ponies. A local farm had a little pen set up for pony rides. G was in his glory. He loves all kinds of animals and has never seen a horse or pony in person. As soon as he caught sight of them he started kicking, reaching and shouting.
I got him out of the stroller and held him up to touch one of the pony's head. It was magical for little G. He even laughed when the horse tried to eat his arm. I wasn't able to get a very good picture of this experience because both hands were occupied with holding my little guy and trying to make sure the pony didn't eat one of his little appendages (a third arm would've come in handy).
Checking out the ponies with a little friend.
Pure joy!
Trying to climb into the pen once the ponies were hooked for "walks." They were much too far away for Guthrie...
Man! Too bad I didn't have the $5 with me for a pony ride- it would've made the day perfect for him. Another time...

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Traci said...

The beauty of this age is that he doesn't know the difference! Just happy to be so happy!