Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day fun

The weather in Charlotte has been gorgeous for the past couple weeks, so we decided to take advantage of this and visit Latta park this past Monday. It's a great little park just outside of downtown, fully equipped with a splashground, playground, and trails.

We're so happy for Guthrie now that he's fully walking- it's opened up so many opportunities of play and fun for him that weren't as possible earlier. G and I had visited this same park with some friends about a month before, but he basically just stood on the outside of the water area watching the other kids play (although, I shouldn't downplay the fun of this for him- he was squealing the entire time at the water and kids playing). This time, big Mr. G was in his glory: timid at first and then all out attacking the water and playing in the puddles.

Not to sure at first...
Dad is always good to help get G acclimated.
Guthrie kept running into the water, back to us, into the water, back, etc.

So much fun!

The water was pretty cold and it wasn't too hot outside, so G played until his little lips turned purple! We took a break, dried off and had a picnic lunch. Then, it was back into the water! The second time the purple lips returned a bit more quickly...what a fun day for our little guy (mom and dad too).


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looks like you guys had a great time. This reminds me of a mall that is in c-bus where the kids go in the water and then run to there parents. so cute!