Thursday, September 3, 2009

Plaza Pres Weekday School

Yesterday Mr. G had his first day of school at a great local preschool in the area. We had checked it out together on Tuesday to met some teachers, parents and fellow students. It seems like an incredible community and the teachers are very invested in the program (most have been there 10 or more years!). We're so excited for Guthrie to have a chance to be around other children and adults in an environment that is friendly and encouraging. We're looking forward to seeing him thrive in a more social situation!
Heading inside (time to start looking into wearing some maternity shirts mom!)
Heading into the classroom
G already has a friend in the class as Colin will be attending on the same days: Wednesdays and Fridays. Here we are in the classroom, Guthrie already reaching for the toys before I've even had a chance to drop off his stuff in his cubbie.
Checking out some fun musical toys
"Ooo, there's those rocking horses I remember from yesterday.".....
Ok- this picture was my downfall- I had already said bye to Guthrie, but he looked so darn cute rockin' away that I had to get another picture. It was at this moment that he realized (to his horror) that I was leaving him there. This picture was snapped as he started to slink toward me, but the 2nd horse slowed him down enough for me to slip out. Poor guy- they said he was fine about 30 seconds later....
Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of G when I came to pick him up but it was such a classic image: he was sitting in a kiddie soft armchair "reading" a giant book while all the other kids around him were playing. Too cute. This guy's an old pro at school already.

The only downfall to this really great school situation is that I miss him a lot while he's gone. It's the best feeling in the world to have my little guy squeeze me super hard (and grunt) when I come to pick him up (I think I may just start grunting a little too- it makes the hug bigger!).


Traci said...

Hang in there. It is hard to leave them and I have to say that it has never gotten easier for me and I 've been doing it for the last 7 months! He looks like he's having fun!

MooreIntheCity said...

It's okay. Laura Jean still has to sneak out on me when she goes to class.

***Lauren Lyon*** said...

Looks like he's already having a great time at school! Miss you guys!